This Movember, the Australian Physiotherapy Association is encouraging everyone to get moving for better health, and have set a 30 day challenge of being active in some form every day. 1 in 4 adults in the developed world?don’t exercise enough.

Moving more in our everyday life is crucial for preventing disease and reducing the risk of illness, as well as enhancing our emotional well-being.
Getting moving doesn’t have to be daunting or expensive. It can be simple things like walking the dog, washing your car, weeding the garden or mowing the lawn.
You could join a gym, go for a swim, run or bike ride. You could walk to work, or get off the train a stop early and walk the difference. You could take the stairs instead of the lift,?or try yoga, pilates or boxing. You could join a social sport team.
Hopefully some of these?ideas will inspire, to help us all get moving towards a healthier lifestyle this Movember and beyond!
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Shanee Fleischer, Physiotherapist

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