Do you eat Chips?

If chips is part of your regular menu , especially of your children`s, you must know the damages it may cause you During the frying process of the chips a chemical called acrylamide is being released. Acrylamide has been detected in a range of foods including fried or roasted potatoes,cereal based products, biscuits, crackers, toasts,..

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Is Stress Wiping You Out?

Stressed Out and Overworked? No-one is a stranger to stress. A little stress is healthy; it challenges you and makes you stronger. The body?s stress response is designed to help you survive stressful situations. Historically, stress looked a bit different, particularly if you were a caveman confronted with a sabre-toothed tiger! In our busy, modern..

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WE are practicing now COSMETIC ACUPUNCTURE.

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Cosmetic acupuncture also known as Facial Rejuvenation is a safe, gentle and natural anti-aging practice to enhance beauty and wellbeing, which is supported by almost 5000 years of documentation. It is a constitutional treatment which will address your whole body state of wellness. The treatment is aiming to soften lines and wrinkles, lift sagging, increase..

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Flourless chocolate cake, just in time for Passover!!

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Passover is just around the corner, and many of you are probably looking for new recipes to try. Here is one of Genya’s delicious flourless chocolate cakes!! It won’t disappoint!!? Enjoy Preheat oven to 180 degrees Use spring tin 23cm, greased Ingredients 6 eggs , 4 separated 175 g sugar 125g butter 250 g dark..

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Shakin’ it in 2017

For some people their New Year?s resolution to lose the ?spare tyre? and improve their health may not have gotten off the ground yet. If this is you, you can get support for your journey to a healthier you by following the Shake It Practitioner Weight Management Program! Low Carb = High Life! Shake It..

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Workstation Setup

Well we are well and truly into the working year so it?s the right time to get your workstation looked at. We have already seen the effects of poor workstation ergonomics on our patients health and wellbeing. This article will outline some tips that may help to take the stress out of your neck and..

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Physiotherapy and your lungs

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Coming into the cooler months, we are all more prone to coughs, colds and chest infections. Physiotherapy can be useful to help people with chronic lung conditions, where they experience shortness of breath and or excessive phlegm production. Some examples include asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis and bronchiectasis. How your lungs work: The body absorbs oxygen..

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Hamstrung: The Hamstring Injury Journey

Last weekend, two of our practitioners, Daniella (Osteopath) and Shanee (physiotherapist), were lucky enough to attend this conference, discussing all the latest research into hamstring injury, reducing risk of injury, and management. It was a really interesting day, and so we thought we would share some of the key points with you all. Hamstring is..

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Headaches: When to Seek Help

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Headaches are such a common complaint in society, they are so common that 90% of the population suffer from headaches at one point in their life. However, just because it is doesn?t mean we need to think they are normal. There are many types of headaches from migraines, jaw (TMJ), tension and neck headaches. Studies..

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What is Dry Needling?

Dry Needling is another tool we use to help us achieve the results we like to help our patients recover from their certain issues. Like massage, joint manipulation or stretching it can be part of your treatment if your practitioner thinks it well benefit you. Dry Needling involves the use of acupunture needles inserted into..

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