How Well do you Handle Stress?

Life=Stress, Stress=Life Living in this day and age, stress is a normal part of modern life. You will be exposed to some sort of stress every day, whether it?s waking up to an alarm, driving the car, paying bills, working, meeting deadlines ? all of these can take their toll. Sometimes stress can be so..

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Chocolate Power Balls

CNHC KITCHEN Chocolate Power Balls It’s a little bit of this with a little bit of that? But pretty much 1 cup cooked quinoa 1tbs raw cacao 2tbs rice malt syrup Coconut oil 1/2 cup oats Chia seeds 1tbs almond butter Mix it all up and refrigerate to harden a little and then roll. For..

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Are you sick of being sick?

Are you sick of being sick? Disease causing viruses or bacteria can enter your body simply by breathing or eating! Fortunately, only a few of these, particularly viral, ?pathogens? result in a cold or flu because you are equipped with an immune system specifically designed to fight off unwanted invaders. That said, are you one..

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The Difference Between Sadness and Depression

On May 10th, 2016, posted in: Blog, Counselling by 0 Comment

Sadness is a normal human emotion. We?ve all experienced it and we all will?again. Sadness is usually triggered by a difficult, hurtful, challenging, or disappointing event, experience, or?situation. In other words, we tend to feel sad about something. This also means that when that something changes, when our emotional hurt fades, when we?ve adjusted or..

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8 Common Myths & Realities About Grief

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Here are 8 of the most common myths and realities about grief. Knowledge of these issues is extremely helpful for both the bereaved and those wishing to help them. Myth #1. “It has been a year since your spouse died. Don’t you think you should be dating by now?” Reality. It is impossible to simply..

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Heat or Ice?

Both Heat and Ice have a role to play in the management of pain relief, however they have different indications for use. So when should you use them? ICE:??? Ice is most effectively used in the initial management of soft tissue injuries. Many people would have heard of the R.I.C.E (or R.I.C.E) regime. This stands..

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Are you inflamed?

Inflammation can be a good thing Everyone has experienced the remarkable phenomenon of acute inflammation – a sprained ankle, splinter, or cut ? and as a result have witnessed the affected area turn red, puffy and hot as your immune system rushes to your aid to assess the injury and fight any pathogen that might..

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Beat the Back to School Blues

On February 17th, 2016, posted in: Blog, Health and Wellbeing by 0 Comment

Kick-start the New School Year Parents understandably want what is best for their children and aim to ensure that life at home and at school is the best it can be. Nevertheless, if a child is experiencing stress, inadequate sleep or is finding it hard to learn and understand due to poor cognition, then life..

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Helping Children Learn to Love Nutritional Foods

On January 14th, 2016, posted in: Health and Wellbeing by 0 Comment

A friend and I often give each other ?Nutritional Nuggets.? Little ideas to help us encourage healthy eating in the home. With two young boys who could easily be pegged picky eaters, I am always looking for new and inventive ways to ensure they?re eating nutritiously. So here?s my nutritional nugget to you: Reintroduce, reintroduce,..

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MOvember for men’s health

This Movember, the Australian Physiotherapy Association is encouraging everyone to get moving for better health, and have set a 30 day challenge of being active in some form every day. 1 in 4 adults in the developed world?don’t exercise enough. Moving more in our everyday life is crucial for preventing disease and reducing the risk..

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