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Shakin’ it in 2017

March 29, 2017

For some people their New Year?s resolution to lose the ?spare tyre? and improve their health may not have gotten off the ground yet. If this is you, you can get support for your journey to a healthier you by following the Shake It Practitioner Weight Management Program!

Low Carb = High Life!

Shake It is a scientifically-validated, controlled carbohydrate program, which, when combined with regular achievable exercise can result in sustainable weight loss. Shake It includes an abundance of non-starchy healthy vegetables with quality protein and healthy fats every day, all designed to help you with appetite control and cravings.

The Shake It plan is divided into two healthy meals, a complete protein meal substitute and two low carb snacks each day. This simple to follow phase of the program is maintained for four weeks followed by a unique two week plateau-preventing cleanse phase for optimal results. These two phases are what really set Shake It apart from other programs.

Convenience is the Whey?and the Soy!

Healthy, complete protein meal substitutes can make a huge difference to the success of a weight management program. Shake It has been specifically designed to combine both whey and soy protein together, as these two protein sources complement each other to keeping you feeling fuller for longer, and have been shown to give better results. Convenient meal substitutes gives you healthy choices that are quick and easy to prepare. Ensuring you get adequate protein each day helps you maintain your muscle mass as you lose weight, which helps with long-term weight management.

Exercise and Muscle Health

Exercise is considered an integral part of any weight management program due to its ability to help improve body composition. The Shake It Program recommends four 40 minute sessions each week of moderate intensity exercise. Adding resistance training provides added benefits that include maintaining healthy muscle mass.

If the gym is not your thing – join a dance class, head down to the beach for some sand jogging, or organise regular catch ups with friends at the local park and utilise the free equipment.

The bonus that comes with regular exercise is improved mood, a positive mind-set, and you may find making healthy food choices easier.

Professional Guidance and Support

The Shake It Program is unique as it is completely supported by your Practitioner?s knowledge and experience. Having regular consultations makes a huge difference to lasting success due to the motivation and guidance that only a qualified Practitioner can provide. The ability to discuss any challenges you may face, as well as having your own personal coach to help you celebrate your achievements are both contributing factors to the success many people have experienced with Shake It.

Bonus Resources for Your Success

As a complete program ? everything has been thought of to ensure your success, including a comprehensive Shake It recipe book, health journal (to track your progress), convenient food list, weekly newsletters and shopping tips. Shake It boasts an informative website and the Shake It Facebook page.

Speak to your Practitioner about embarking on the Shake It Practitioner Weight Management Program, and step onto the path to a healthier, happier, more energised you.

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