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Workstation Setup

March 29, 2017

Well we are well and truly into the working year so it?s the right time to get your workstation looked at. We have already seen the effects of poor workstation ergonomics on our patients health and wellbeing.

This article will outline some tips that may help to take the stress out of your neck and back while you are working. It is important to understand that when it comes to workplace ergonomics you are fitting the workplace to the worker, not the worker to the workplace.

We need to address:

  • height of desk – adjust chair to desk OR adjust desk to chair
  • Keyboard/mouse
  • Monitors
  • Documents
  • Telephone
  • Manual Handling

Firstly lets look at chairs. When selecting chairs check out this criteria.

? Seat height is adjustable

? Back adjustable up and down

? Back tilt forward and back

? Seat pan adjustable in and out

? Arms adjustable up and down (it is preferred to get chairs without arms)

? Proper fit for individual

? 5 casters for stability


Sit-to-Stand Workstation



Office Workstation



For many patients if they do not have someone at work that assists them in workstation ergonomics then we suggest that you ask someone to take some photos of you sitting at your desk and them to your practitioner.

Some tips to help you through the day:

  • Break every 45-60mins from sitting (get up 1-2mins)
  • Every 20mins look away from screen
  • Micro breaks from keyboard/mouse
  • Vary work tasks and posture ie. Stand where possible
  • Vary left and right side use of the body. ie mouse left and right
  • Increase activity where possible. ie lunch away from desk, remove bin, standing and walking meetings

Try some of these tips if you are struggling with neck/back pain, headaches, RSI and even jaw pain due to a poorly set up workstation. Please speak to your practitioner if you have any concerns about any issues.

Thank you to Corporate Work Health Australia for their wonderful illustrations.

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