Dr James Goetz (Osteopath)

Dr. James Goetz (Osteopath)
BHSc & BAppSc

James is an Osteopath with a double bachelor degree in Health Science and Applied Science-Osteopathy. Alongside this qualification, James has completed his Dry Needling: Foundations 1, which to achieve, he attended the Janet G. Travel, MD Seminar Series, in Maryland, America.

When approaching treatment, James takes a very client-centred approach. You can expect to be involved in your diagnosis, the techniques used in each session as well as the exercises prescribed; with the techniques offered by James being both structural and indirect. This is all to ensure that you leave each treatment feeling educated and empowered on your present condition, while having the confidence that you are in control of your outcomes. James’ clients have experienced great outcomes from this approach, particularly those presenting with lower body complaints such as pain, instability and range of motion restriction through the foot, ankle, knee and hip. He has also been able to help those experiencing neck and back pain, as well as shoulder impingement issues.
Being a Melbourne local, and only recently returning from Canada where he worked as an Osteopath, James brings with him a brand new energy and real desire to help those in his hometown.

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