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Clinical Aromatherapy Consultation

Initial Appointment: $150.00 (1.5hour) / Subsequent Sessions $75 (30mins)

An Aromatherapy Consultation with Angela, is a holistic healing treatment using pure plant essences with application advise along with an exquisite customised scent blend, uniquely formulated and hand blended to address a specific area of need in order to facilitate and empower wellbeing.

How It Works

A Professional Assessment of your current state of health and wellbeing, lifestyle, diet, emotional and mental wellbeing before we work on customising a blend to address a particular area of concern. Consultations are tailored to meet individual needs.

Once a blend is formulated, you will be advised on how you could incorporate that healing scent in your daily routine.

During the consultation you will also get to experience the scent in an olfactive therapy involving breath work and healing touch if needed.

Subsequent visits will involve a mini consultation; a check on how you have been progressing since your last visit and discuss any changes or outcomes to your health before applying your personalised blend of essential oils.

Our Practitioner

Angela Vrettas


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