Did you know that bras are made to be worn for up to 26 washes (assuming they are washed correctly in a wash bag), and should be replaced every 6 months? Does this sound like you?

We recently attended SMA?s ?women in sport? conference. Here are some interesting points from the ?exercise and breast support? presentation.


  • Research has found many women wear bras well past their use by date, where the elastic is stretched and material is worn
  • Ill fitting bras contribute to neck, back and arm pain, especially in females with larger breasts
  • Correctly fitted supportive bras worn during physical activity can improve posture, minimise breast movement, minimise breast discomfort and minimise embarrassment associated with increased breast movement.
  • Breast discomfort and associated embarrassment due to increased breast movement has been shown to be a barrier to exercise
  • The amount of breast support needed will vary depending on age, bra size and the type of exercise
  • Women with larger breasts will require greater support from their bra. Women with a bra size D+ or greater may require two bras (sports bra plus a crop top) to achieve sufficient levels of support
  • Older women, especially post pregnancy, will require greater breast support, as there is reduced elasticity in the skin surrounding the breasts.
  • Exercise with more vertical movement of the body will require more breast support i.e horse riding, jumping, running compared to walking.

There is a great resource available by SMA with more information on this, as well as guides to choosing the right bra for you and how to ensure it fits correctly. This can be found at?https://sma.org.au/resources-advice/injury-fact-sheets/exercise-and-breast-support/

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