Headaches are such a common complaint in society, they are so common that 90% of the population suffer from headaches at one point in their life. However, just because it is doesn?t mean we need to think they are normal.

There are many types of headaches from migraines, jaw (TMJ), tension and neck headaches. Studies confirm that tension-type headache and migraine are more common in women while cluster headaches are more common in males. There are many types of headaches and can sometimes generally follow a pattern of pain in the head. However, because one headache is not always the same and the overlapping of symptoms between each headache it can sometimes be difficult to diagnose what type of headache one is experiencing.

You may or may not be a headaches sufferer but it is always important to know when to seek help. Please seek medical attention if your experience the following?

? Any severe, sudden headache
? Any headache accompanied by convulsions
? Any headache following a fever (fever is often accompanied by a headache, but to get a headache then and fever is concerning)
? Headache accompanied by: metal confusion, drop in conscious awareness, decrease in alertness
? Headaches accompanied by localised pain in a specific area
? Headache following trauma to the head
? Headaches starting in an older person who had never been a headache sufferer.
? Recurring headaches in children
? Headaches at any age which interfere with normal living
? Daily frequent headaches
? A long standing headache which suddenly changes it character or pattern
? Any headache that is aggravated by coughing, sneezing, laughing
? Any headaches that waken you at night

If you are at all worried about your symptoms please speak to your health care provider. There are many treatment available for headaches its a matter of finding the right treatment for you.

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