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Introducing Naomi Rubinstein, Counsellor

March 11, 2021

Hi Everyone,

I’m the new counsellor at Caulfield Natural Health Clinic. It’s wonderful to be working at a place that is so aligned with my respect for natural therapies. Especially after spending the last 7 months in the heart of natural therapies – the Byron Shire/Mullumbimby, my home away from home.

I hope to share regular blog posts with you all and my wish is to provoke thought and possibly even conversations.

I was just listening to Brene Brown interviewing Dr Edith Eger on Recognising the Choices and Gifts in Our Lives. (See link below). I am in awe of Dr Eger and pretty much everything she says. It is true that ever since I did my placement at Emmy Monash as a counselling student, I’m in love with the elderly because they’re so beautiful and so profound. Edith Eger takes the cake. Needless to say, after listening to this podcast, I immediately went out to buy her second book “The Gift”.

At the risk of giving too much away, I simply love how Eger says “everything is temporary”. She talks about anger and says it is ok to be angry, she even tells us to give ourselves permission to be angry, the question is how long are we going to be angry for? After all, “while we’re holding on to anger, the person we’re angry at doesn’t suffer, we do”!

As Edith so brilliantly puts it, “the opposite of depression, is expression. What comes out of our body doesn’t make us ill, what stays in our body does”. I have so often caught myself sharing dilemmas with good friends and noticed the clarity coming through just from speaking out loud. Sometimes self-talk isn’t enough, even though I’m a huge advocate for that too.

So, in collaboration with what Edith Eger says about the importance of thinking about what you’ve been thinking about and paying attention to what you’re paying attention to, I’d like to leave you with the question; What do you think about what YOU have been thinking about lately?


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