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Headaches; what are they and how can osteopathy help?

August 9, 2022

Thank you to our Osteoapth, Dr. Joel Conidi for sharing this post on headaches.

Over 75% of Australians suffer from some sort of headache each year! Our Osteopaths work with patients dealing with headaches almost every day.
Let’s take a look at the most common headaches we treat in the clinic…

? Tension Headache
Tension headaches are usually felt at the forehead, temple and/or back of the head, on both sides. This is as a result of excess tension within muscles around the jaw, front and back of the neck. They are usually caused by injury, or prolonged overuse of the muscle (often from stress, anxiety). Symptoms are generally a mild-moderate dull sensation, lasting anywhere between 1 day to several weeks.  They affect roughly 30% of people each year.

? Cervicogenic Headache
Symptoms of a cervicogenic headaches are most commonly felt along one side of the head from the base of the skull, radiating to the temple, and around the eye. Restriction of the vertebrae in the upper neck is the most common cause. A restricted upper neck may be as a result of whiplash, tight upper neck muscles, or even arthritis. Symptoms are usually a moderate-severe ache, lasting from 1 hour to several weeks. Cervicogenic headaches affect just under 5% of the population.

? Migraine
Migraines usually present all around one side of the head, with some experiencing visual disturbances, nausea, vomiting and light sensitivity. Stress, hormone fluctuations, sleep disturbances, food/drinks, and disturbances of nerve signals and blood vessels may all contribute to the cause. Symptoms are usually moderate-severe with a throbbing pulsating sensation, lasting roughly 4-72 hours. It is often recommended for patients experiencing these symptoms to use a headache diary, to determine particular triggers which may be an incidental part of their daily lives.  Migraines affect 20% of the population, with women making up 70%.

? How can an Osteopath help?
Our osteopaths conduct a thorough case history assessment, followed by a physical examination, to determine the likely type and cause of headache. This allows for an effective hands-on treatment, and development of an easy to understand management plan. This can speed up the process of your recovery, assist in preventing similar occurrences, and help you get back to doing what you love!

If you experience headaches and would like to get to the bottom of the cause, give us a call at the clinic on 95283994 to make an appointment!


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